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UVM Tremolo

UVM Tremolo


The UVM is a compact amp-like sine wave tremolo, with a vintage modern spirit. It has Speed and Depth knobs to control the intensity and speed of the volume modulation. There is a super useful Boost control for perceived volume loss. There are also 2 toggle switches, one for Hard/Soft to give the Depth switch more intensity and the other for changing the Speed by Half/Double.

  • Tech specs

    Current draw: Max 10mA at 9V
    Impedance: 1.1MΩ input impedance, 150Ω output impedance. 
    Power: This pedal can be powered by a 9V battery or 9V 2.1mm center negative DC power source. Do not use more than 9V on this pedal. Unplug the input jack to preserve battery. When a DC plug is inserted into the DC jack the battery is disconnected from the circuit.
    Size, weight: (LxWxH) 12.6 x 6.6 x 5.7cm, 285g without battery

    Operation: Boost: Raise the volume of the pedal, unity is down all the way- it only goes up. Depth: Sets the amplitude of the effect. Higher for deeper plunges in volume and lower for a more subtle effect. Depth toggle: Gives more or less depth to the depth pot. Speed: Slower speeds counter clockwise and faster clockwise. Speed toggle: double or half the speed pot. Internal Intensity trim pot: sets the intensity of the Soft mode- counter clockwise for softer tremolo and clockwise for harder tremolo.

  • Product information

    Tremolo pedals- volume modulators- can, on high depth settings or very fast speeds, play a trick on your ears. You hear an overall volume loss during the peaks and troughs so post volume modulation amplification is needed to make up for the loss. The UVM boost circuit is very clean and doesn't color your signal. 
    The UVM can also be used as a stand alone boost with the depth knob all the way down and the depth toggle set to Soft. It's a full range boost with no coloration of your tone. All the way counter clockwise is unity gain, the volume only goes up. 
    There is a useful LED that flashes with the tempo even when the pedal is off. 

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