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Sirius Parallel Blender Module

Sirius Parallel Blender Module


You can now add parallel blending to an existing circuit! Use the Sirius Parallel Blender module to add parallel dry to an effect, in or out of phase. Want to turn a vibrato into a chorus, have parallel compression, distortion or fuzz? Or maybe convert a digitized dry signal back to analog? The Sirius can do it!

  • Tech specs

    Current draw: Max 5mA at 9V, 6.5mA at 18V

    Impedance: 1.1MΩ input impedance, SEND (PH- or PH+) 300Ω and OUT 150Ω output impedance

    Power: 9-18V DC

    Size, weight: (LxWxH) 33 x 34 x 15mm, 13g 

  • Product information

    Use with guitar, bass and more! To control the wet/dry blend you can use a potentiometer, expression pedal or both. The circuit board measures only 33x34mm, so it should fit into most housings. The module has different applications: 

    1. Modify a pedal for parallel dry
    2. Modify a pedal for stereo output 
    3. A/B pedal
    4. Summer pedal
    5. Active Y splitter
    6. Buffer (mono out or stereo out)
    7. Many more that clever customers will think up!

    Contact me before purchasing to make sure module will fit into your pedal. Pricing includes parts and labor for the module and installation/modification. Return shipping is added at checkout. If you have a particular demand for customization I’m open to all requests!

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