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Sirius Parallel Blender

Sirius Parallel Blender


Sirius is a multitalented parallel mixer. It takes your input signal and splits it in 2- one goes to the dry side unchanged while the other goes out to the Send channel that you can modulate, distort, delay...with another pedal. The Blend knob goes from Dry (only your untouched input signal) to Wet (whatever pedals are in the Send/Return loop) with any mix in between. The jumbo knob is easy to change with your foot for on-the-fly changes.

Some pedals flip the phase of the input signal, making parallel mixing impossible because of phase cancellation so Sirius has a Phase switch on the Send channel that solves the problem. It's a great tool to use with pedals that digitize your dry signal- set your delay or reverb to fully wet and put it in the loop to keep your dry signal analog! Sirius can also be used as an A/B channel switcher, a Y splitter, a summer or a volume pedal. 

V3 is now available! The following improvements were made: there is no more bleed through when setting the Blend knob to fully wet. ESD protection was added to make the pedal more robust. Current draw is lower. There’s now a constant output impedance of 100Ω, wherever the Blend knob is set and there’s no longer a drop in volume when the Blend knob is 50/50. And lastly you can now use 10k expression pedals instead of 100k.

  • Product information

    This Blend pedal takes your input signal and splits it in 2 for parallel mixing. The dry signal is untouched and the wet signal goes out of the loop from Send to Return. Phase on the wet Send loop can be inverted 180° using the Phase switch. This means you can use pedals in the loop that invert phase without losing bass or volume. 
    You can also use this pedal as much more than a blender: 

    1. Active Y splitter- if the amps are out of phase you can flip the phase on Send: OUT A= OUT, OUT B= SEND, set BLEND to 100% dry. Effect on is active Y splitter. 
    2. A/B switcher- OUT A= OUT, OUT B= SEND, set BLEND to 100% wet. Turning pedal on and off switches between A and B. 
    3. Volume pedal- don't plug anything in the RET jack and turn the pedal on. Use Blend knob as volume attenuator.
    4. 2 guitars in with mono out or even stereo in to mono out! Plug 1 instrument into IN and the other into RET with the Blend knob set to the middle. Both signals will be summed together into mono OUT. 


    Now with an optional EXP pedal output! You can control the Blend ratio with an expression pedal, making it even easier to change. Connecting the EXP pedal disconnects the Blend knob. 
    If you choose the expression pedal output you lose the internal battery connector because there simply isn’t enough space in the housing for a battery and an EXP jack. It uses an industry standard TRS jack, compatible with expression pedals that use 10K linear (B10k) pots. Here’s a non exhaustive list of models that will work with the Sirius: 

    Boss: EV 10, EV 30
    Crumar: MJ-EXP1
    Dunlop: DVP4 X mini, DVP3 (X), DCP1 (XL)
    EHX: Performance
    HoTone: Soul Press
    Jam: EXP-1
    M-Audio: EX-P
    Mooer: Expline
    Morley: M2 mini
    Mission engineering: EP-1, KP-EP1, EP-1R, SP-1, SP-1R
    Nektar: NX-P
    Nose: Big foot expression
    Roland: EV-5, EV-7
    Source Audio: Hot hand 3

  • Tech specs

    Current draw: Max 8mA at 9V, 8.5mA at 18V
    Impedance: 1.1MΩ input impedance, SEND 300Ω and OUT 150Ω output impedance. 
    Power: This pedal can be powered by a 9V battery or a 9-18V DC adapter (2.1mm center negative). Unplug the IN jack to preserve battery when not using pedal. When a DC jack is inserted into the DC plug the battery is disconnected from the circuit.
    Size, weight: (LxWxH) 11.3 x 7.1 x 4.8cm, 230g without battery

    Operation: Blend: Change the mix between dry and wet signal. Phase switch: Invert phase on the Send signal.

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