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Oberon Germanium Boost

Oberon Germanium Boost


Oberon is a germanium transistor based treble booster à la Rangemaster. At its heart is a NOS PNP germanium transistor that is carefully measured for leakage and gain which is then biased correctly to get optimal performance. It's really simple to use with just 1 knob for Boost and a 3 position toggle switch to choose which range of frequencies are included in the boost. High will cut most mids and lows, Mid will cut most lows and Low will give a full range boost. You can dial back on the punch of the pedal with either you guitar's volume knob or the internal gain trim pot to "set it and forget it."

  • Tech specs

    Current draw: 1.5mA at 9V
    Impedance: 19kΩ input impedance, 10kΩ output impedance
    Power: This pedal can be powered by a 9V battery or a 9V DC adapter (2.1mm center negative). Unplug the IN jack to preserve battery when not using pedal. When a DC jack is inserted into the DC plug the battery is disconnected from the circuit. 
    Size, weight: (LxWxH) 12.6 x 6.6 x 5.7cm, 260g without battery

    Operation: Boost: Raise or lower volume of pedal. There’s plenty of boost on tap. Voice: choose how much bass gets boosted, up for mid, middle for high and down for low. Internal Gain trimmer: turn towards the left to reduce the signal going into the boost- acts like a second guitar volume knob.

  • Product info

    When playing into a completely saturated amp or pedal there’s nowhere for the signal to go- pushing it with a normal boost only makes it get mushy, compressed and muddy sounding. Hitting a saturated amp or pedal with a treble booster (switch set to high or mid) cuts out the muddy bass and gives the amp a signal that’s easier to work with. The Oberon lets you take your amp beyond it’s normal limit!

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