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Nitro Drive Mk2

Nitro Drive Mk2


The Nitro Drive is a versatile boost, overdrive, and distortion pedal. It can nail tones anywhere from an amp on the edge of breakup to full on saturation with tight bass. It’s an open distortion with controlled bass, clear mids and precise highs. It’s a great "always-on" pedal, lead/solo boost, overdrive or distortion. There’s tons of volume on tap to slam the front of an amp or another drive pedal. The Nitro Drive also takes boosts very well. Nitro Drive MkII has an internal voice trimmer that gives you a ton of versatility- towards the left is darker sounding and towards the right makes the pedal brighter. The trimmer works hand in hand with the Tone pot. 

  • Tech specs

    Current draw: 8.5mA at 9V, 9.5mA at 18V

    Impedance: 1.1MΩ input impedance, 150Ω output impedance.

    Power: This pedal can be powered by a 9V battery or 9-18V 2.1mm center negative DC power source. Unplug the input jack to preserve battery. When a DC plug is inserted into the DC jack the battery is disconnected from the circuit.

    Size, weight: (LxWxH) 12.6 x 6.6 x 5.7cm, 285g without battery

    OperationVol: raise or lower the output volume of the pedal. Sat: sets the amount of gain saturation going to the second gain stage. All the way counter clockwise is unity gain for the input signal. Gain: Raise or lower the amount of gain in the second stage- can go from clean to overdrive and distortion. Tone: raise or lower the amount of top end present in the output. Internal Voice trim pot: sets the voicing and feel of the pedal- CCW is darker, CW is brighter.

  • Product information

    The Nitro Drive can do it all. The Gain knob sounds great across the entire range. Sat acts as "gain 1" and will saturate the second gain stage. It gives the pedal more grit, and really lets you feel the pedal's dynamic range.

    Nitro Drive has a lot of volume on tap to really slam the front end of your amp or another drive pedal. It can be a boost with a little mid push, a light overdrive, tight distortion, or saturated without going mushy. It also takes boosts very well.

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