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Echoflow Modulated Delay

Echoflow Modulated Delay


Echoflow Modulated Delay is a tape style delay with modulation. Inside the pedal are two DIP switches, one to change between bright or dark voicings for the repeats and another to kill the dry signal for 100% wet delay. The delay time goes from 30ms to 550ms. You can set the repeats from 1 all the way to oscillation. The external modulation gives movement to the repeats that you can set to be subtle or heavy warble.

  • Tech specs

    Power: This pedal can be powered by a 9V DC power source (2.1mm center negative). 
    Current draw: Max 28mA
    Size: (LxWxH) 12.6 x 6.6 x 5.7cm
    Weight: 300g
    Input impedance: 500kΩ
    Output impedance: 250Ω

    Operation: Level: Sets the volume level of the repeats. Delay: Sets the delay time from 30ms to 550ms. Rpts: Number of repeats from 1 to infinity with oscillation. Depth: Sets the intensity of the modulation, no modulation with knob set completely counterclockwise. Speed: Sets the speed of the modulation. Internal dip switches: Dry: kill dry on/off to make the delay 100% wet. Dark: changes the voicing of the repeats from bright to dark. 

  • Product information

    Echoflow sounds great with clean or dirty guitar, bass, keys… With the kill dry switch inside the pedal you can get fully wet delay. This is super useful with wet/dry rigs or to use with the Sirius Parallel Blender. In the loop of a Sirius you can mod the repeats with any pedal- tailor the repeats with an EQ pedal, modulate them with phaser, flanger, vibe…octave for lower/higher echos, or even overdrive to make them sound more lo-fi. The possibilities and experimentation are endless!
    You can also switch between 2 different delay voicings. The bright repeats are clearer without being as perfect as a digital delay while the dark voicing sounds more analog.

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