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B6K Compressor

B6K Compressor


The B6K is a super versatile OTA compressor. It works magic for your clean tone. It can go from always on subtle sustainer to full on squash with its parallel dry blend circuit. It's also got a Tone control to get more clarity and a tighter bass response, Attack and Release settings for the most versatile compressor needs and an internal pre-compression signal cut to stop clipping. Top mounted IN/OUT and 9V jacks.


    This OTA style compressor can get anywhere from subtle "always-on" to heavy Frusciante style compression. With the Blend control you can dial in more clean signal to just have more sustain without the squash of full-on compression. Raise or lower the Attack and Release settings to get squash on every note or have a more mellow and responsive pick attack. The Tone control will help get back a little clarity in a muddy compressed signal.

    As compressors generally come first or near the beginning of the signal chain an ultra clean buffer is included in the circuit. Even when off the pedal will take the high impedance signal from your guitar and lower it to drive long cables or multi-pedal set-ups with no high end signal loss. The buffer brings back the sparkle and pure tone as if you were plugged straight into your amp. 

    This pedal has a very quiet and low travel footswitch, no pop when turning on or off.

  • Tech specs

    Current draw: Max 9mA at 9V, 11mA at 18V
    Impedance: 1.1MΩ input impedance, 250Ω output impedance. 
    Power: This pedal can be powered by a 9-18V 2.1mm center negative DC power source.
    Size, weight: (LxWxH) 12.6 x 6.6 x 5.5cm, 300g

    OperationVol: Raise or lower volume output. Comp: Sets the level of compression. Clockwise for more compression- meaning quiet signals will be amplified and loud signals will be attenuated. Blend: Blend in dry, uncompressed signal in parallel with the compressed signal. This gives back some dynamics in playing and can also allow the pedal to act more like a sustainer. Your signal will not be as compressed but you get the advantage of having more sustain and quieter signals are amplified. Tone: Compressing an entire signal can sometimes result in a muddy tone- too much bass that is normally not heard is being amplified into the compressed signal. Cut bass to get back some clarity. Attack: Sets how fast the compressor starts compressing. Fast towards the right and slow towards the left. Release: Sets how fast the compressor stops compressing. Fast towards the right and slow towards the left. Internal Input trim pot: If you have a loud signal going into the compressor the signal can clip or distort by overloading the OTA, lower settings attenuate noise and stop the signal from clipping or distorting. It can usually be left all the way up.

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