Odyssey 4k Fuzz

Odyssey 4k Fuzz


Odyssey 4k is a silicon transistor fuzz galore. The interactive Input and Bias controls make it capable of a wide range of fuzz textures. The Odyssey 4k can go from classic heavy 70's fuzz to nasty, gated even bit crushing. The Bias knob takes it from gated (left of noon) to open and roaring (right of noon). The Input knob is an extension of your guitar's volume knob- turn it down to calm the fuzz when the Bias knob is at noon or above. Or make the gated fuzz nastier with Bias below noon.  

Each Odyssey 4k has a pair of BC108B transistors that are carefully measured and correctly biased on all points for the best sound. 

  • Tech specs

    Current draw: 1.3mA at 7V; 1.7mA at 9V; 2mA at 12V
    Power: This pedal can be powered by a 9V battery or a 7-12V DC adapter (2.1mm center negative). Unplug the IN jack to preserve battery when not using pedal. When a DC jack is inserted into the DC plug the battery is disconnected from the circuit. This pedal will sound best when powered with a battery or isolated power supply. 
    Size, weight: (LxWxH) 12.6 x 6.6 x 5.7cm, 280g without battery

    Operation: Vol: Raise or lower the output volume. Fuzz: Generally this knob is left all the up and you set the level of gain with your guitar’s volume knob. Input: Extension of your guitar's volume knob. Lower to tame the fuzz when Bias is set above noon or raise to make fuzz less gated with Bias below noon. Bias: Sets the bias point of the second transistor. Noon is a classic 70's style fuzz, below noon will be more gated and above noon is louder and more agressive, but cleans up great with your guitar’s volume pot.

  • Product information

    Odyssey 4k is best positioned first in the pedal chain, before any buffers. The circuit has a great interaction with your pickups. It reacts with the dynamics of your guitar's volume knob, pickups and impedance. 
    The Bias and Input knobs are very interactive.